Can contacts freeze? Will they be damaged?

I ordered some circle lenses a week ago, they are shipping from Canada. I am expecting to get them tomorrow or very soon The high where I live today and tomorrow is like 20 degrees. The contacts come shipped in 2 bottles of liquid. Will they freeze in shipping or in my mailbox? If they do freeze can they be damaged? I believe the bottles they ship in are glass. I'm very worried about them does anyone know?

They MAY freeze in the mail. If so, just let the bottles sit on your table at room temperature until they have thawed out.

99.5% of the time, freezing won't ruin the lenses if you allow them to get back to room temperature without touching them.

Now optical questions are not my expertise however the solution that they are packaged in has been tested due to issues in the past. So the solution should not freeze or be to cold for that matter. Now they also come in packages and are transported in a truck in which should be somewhat warm. So I think they should be just fine.