Can I wear my contacts for more than 1 month?

Ok so I wear monthly contacts everyday, sometimes ill give my eyes a break from them and wear my glasses but I change them every month, here's the thing, I get 3 lots of contacts every 3 months and one month I got conjunctivitis from my contacts because I didn't care for them properly either that or it was when I was kinda forced to use the same towel someone else did to dry my face after washing coz I forgot my own, either way I didn't wear my contacts until it was gone and I threw away the infected lenses and container, but I screwed up the system because I wore my newly sent contacts rather than the last pair for that month because I was scared that I would get it again if I used the contacts that where sent in that bAtch, my monthly ones have ram out today so I should be wearing new ones but have not been sent anymore because I still got a month to go, so do I wear my contacts for two months until the new ones arrive bearing in mind one of them is actually two months old because it was one of my spares, or wear the brand new ones that where sent in the same batch when I got conjunctivitis, I know they probably wont effect it but im still worried I dont want it again:/

Hey doll, im pretty sure you can still wear the old ones. You havent opened them yet so they should be fine