Can I wear monthly contacts longer than a month?

The contact lenses are four months old. I've only worn them once though. It's kept in the contact lens holder since then. Can I still wear it?

Added (1). It's a FOUR MONTH OLD contact lens though?

Added (2). It's a FOUR MONTH OLD contact lens though?

Yes you can but try to take them out at night so you will not risk an eye infection

I always do, and nothing bad has happened. You save a few bucks sooooo…

Not, you are no supposed to use them more than a month. They may still work after a month but they won't be as sterile and it will increase the risk of eye infections. There is a reason why they are "monthly contact glass" its not just to make you pay for another pair. But I think the box says it doesn't it?

From the minute you take contacts out of the bubble the material starts to degrade so it doesn't transmit as much oxygen to the eye. Now I've seen opticians post that for monthlies you can use for 30 days out of 60 days out of the bubble. You aer well outside that. Throw them away. Oxygen deprivation is a big problem.

If you don't use that much you might be better transferring to dailies cost wise.

Even if you've only worn them once, 4 months is a long time for a contact lens. I would honestly throw them out. They're designed to be best within 30 days of removing them from the package.

It sounds as if you don't wear your contacts too often, I would talk to your optometrist about daily contact lenses. You wear them 1 day and throw them out. (I actually wear my daily lenses for 2 days, my optometrist told me in confidence that it is OK since I only wear my contacts for about 8 hours at a time)

Yes there is no problem is wearing old contact lenses, if you wear them for less period.