Can I use a saline solution to clean my belly bar/piercing?

The sort of thing you use for contact lenses, will it do any harm?

Dont use sea salt and water nothing else trust me i just went through ihtt and iht has to be warm seasalt water soak yu whole piercing for 5-7 mins

I used it to clean my Tragus piercing and everything was ok so I don't see why not: D

Although chances are if it's fine for your eyes, it's fine for your body, it may still be too harsh
I use the contact lense solution that only "rinses" instead of one that's like seven in one
this is really cheap to buy, but pretty much straight saline (:

I wouldn't… Saline solution is basically a steriliser so it kills All bacteria. But for your piercing if your trying to get it too heal it will need the good bacteria to be able to heal so by killing all the germs you will just be slowing down the healing process.