Can i take contact lenses on a plane?

Not wearing them on a plane but just generally in their packet, they're disposable ones. If yes would it be better to take them in hand luggage or suitcase?

Of course! It's basically like carrying glasses, you won't get into trouble. I guess it would be better to out them in the hand luggage because if there's an emergency about your eyes, you (or get help from someone else) can quickly get the contact lenses in your luggage.

Sure you can take them with you! I do it all the time:)
If you don't need them on board or at arrival, you can elave them in your suitcase, otherwise you can take them with you in your hand luggage, but make sure if you do that that you put them in the clear bag.
I usually put on my glasses to fly because f the dry air in planes and I take my lenses with me, either in my hand luggage (if I need them on arrival) or in my suitcase.

Enjoy your trip!