Can I carry-on a 4 oz bottle of my contact lens solution?

The website says it is allowed under medications over 3 oz. I understand that I must declare the bottle to the security officers at the security line, but will they allow it to pass? Since contact lens solution is not a prescription medication, will they allow it?

They probably won't if you are going to a big airport. Just keep it in your checked luggage to make sure you won't have to throw it away or anything.

For any containers of liquid/gel/lotion that are no bigger than 3.4 oz/100ml, all them must fit into one single plastic quart size zip lock bag. For a 4 oz bottle of liquid, it is not the question of declaration at security, it will be confiscated because this size of liquid is NOT allowed through it. Any containers bigger than 3.4 oz or can't fit into the one quart size bag must be put into checked baggage.


Contact solution is considered a medically necessary liquid and is allowed through in any reasonable quantity. They may test it for explosive materials, but almost all contact solutions sold in the US pass this test.

YES, you are allowed to bring contact lens solution larger than 3 oz. Because it is medically necessary it isn't limited. To save yourself some time, make sure you pull it out of your bag and put it in a bin. Otherwise the TSA will see it and re screen your bag, then search your bag for the liquid that you are allowed to carry. If the bottle is open they also might run a test on the saline just to make sure it is really saline solution.