Can contact lenses make you blind?

I heard that if you have sensitive eyes it can make you blind

No, that's just pure wrong. :)

No they wont make you blind, they are designed to be eye friendly =]
But if you do not know how to put them in correctly it could damage, cause pain etc.
Good luck with putting them in (first few times kill lol)

Contact lenses don't make you blind
they help your eyes from short-vision

If your eyes are too sensitive, or the lenses are wrong, then yes, you can go blind due to cornea damage. I always thought that was impossible, until my father was diagnosed with cornea damage due to contact lens use, and he had to stop wearing them. He uses glasses exclusively now, and he has had no further problems.

Using contact lenses puts you at greater risk of corneal ulceration, particularly with bugs such as pseudomonas, or sometimes fungal infection… So, yes, if you don't use your contact lenses properly, if you leave them in too long, if you don't change or properly disinfect them etc, you could in theory, go blind, although you'd be unlucky to get problems in both eyes at the same time.