Can an Optometrist refuse to give you a perscription?

Can an Optometrist refuse to give you a perscription?
After my recent trip to the optometrist to get contact lenses, my mom asked them for my prescription because she was hoping to get my lenses elsewhere. However they said that my eyes has certain special conditions such as astigmatism so it wasn't possible to get the lenses elsewhere. And they wouldn't give me my prescription. I am extremely suspicious of this cause it seems like they're trying to make more money off of us. The price they're asking seems really crazy expensive. Its 150 for a 6 month supply, and this is with my family's health insurance applied.

They could be, but toric lenses for astigmatism are usually quite expensive. You can ask them what type of astigmatism you have that makes it so they can't give you the prescription and google research the information to see if it is true.

No, they cannot refuse in the US

There not Allwoed to refuse. If anything call ablwyer

There is no such thing as lenses that are so special that they can't be had else where.

By law they have to give the prescription to you.

No, they cannot refuse to give you your prescription, that's against the law.