Brand new contacts suddenly blurry?

I use monthly contacts and just a few days ago i put in brand new ones. This is my third day using these contact lenses and when I put them in this morning they were blurry (as if the prescription wasn't high enough) it was not nearly as blurry as it is without my contacts so I know I didn't lose them in my eye. So my question is why would they be blurry? I use plenty of solution so they are not dry and have no finger prints. I have been wearing contacts for years so I'm not a rookie. Thanks.

Well this has happened to me before, and ive just taken them out and cleaned em and tried it again, it didint work so i just went along with them blurry, but they fixed themselves later in the day. So try wearing em for the day

Many possibilities:

- wrong eye
- inside out
- mispackaged
- wrong Rx box sold to you
- your eyes changed

if you try another pair & they're still blurry, you'll have to go to your optometrist & try to fix this.