Are daily contacts more expensive than monthly contacts?

I use monthly contact lenses right now, but I'm debating on switching to daily ones when I go to my eye doctor in August. I know it's different for everyone, but just in general, are daily contacts more expensive than monthly ones?
I just got pink eye and had to throw out this months contacts, so I'm short a month now which kind of sucks.

Month are about 20$ a pair
Idk about dallied you can normally wear months for like 2-3 months

First of all, the individual who answered that they wear their monthly contacts for 2-3 months, please replace them according to schedule. There are permanent changes that can happen to your eyes from over wearing.

Daily contacts can be cheaper depending on what brand you wear (and what prescription you have). If you have a basic prescription (one number, like -3.00), a basic 2-4 week lens can cost $30 for a six pack, and a 90 day supply of daily contacts can also cost $30. With daily contacts you won't have to buy contact lens cases or solution, so this is where the price can differ and make dailies cheaper. Whatever you do, please follow your doctor's instructions for contact lens wear!

As a general rule dailies are more expensive. There can also be other disadvantages as the lenses aren't necessarily equivalent and of equivalent material. I can't get dailies which are as comfortable and as good as my fortnightlies in my perscription I use dailies if I'm swimming. I'd suggest speaking to your eye doctor and seeing if he will fit both at the same appt. For teh same fee. You can then have an option of either. I keepin both, partly because of teh swimming, but dailies can als be useful if there is a problem with lenses when one is out and about - you can throw a lens in a case and put a daily in instead.

Personally I think its a good idea to have spares and dailies can function as spares rather than a whole box of monthlies.

Wearing monthlies every day usually will run about $140.00 for a year…

Wearing dailies every day will run over $400.00 for a year.

A 90 day supply for $30.00 is impossible.