Wrong base curve on my contacts?

The base curve of my contacts when i had acucvue with hydraclear was 8.7. My doctor recently switched me to acuvue oasys, and the only options for the base curve are 8.8 and 8.4. They are sending 8.4, is that bad? Will it make a difference if i have a different base curve?

8.4 is steeper than both 8.7 & 8.8. You should have been switched to the Oasys 8.8. Wearing the steeper 8.4 lenses may cause you to develop what's caused tight lens syndrome. Your eyes will be red (you might even be able to see a red ring around the colored part of your eye) and sore and you may have problems with your cornea. Call your eye doctor and ask why you were given such a drastically different base curve.

If your doctor wrote you a prescription for a lens, he should have seen it on your eyes to verify that it fit. The base curve is a required part of a contact lens prescription according to the FDA.