Why do my contacts keep tearing?

So i have acuvue 2 contacts. I got them roughly 2 months ago and I have been wearing them constantly. The past few weeks i have gone through a few pairs because one keeps tearing. Several weeks ago, i had worn my contacts for about a week and when i put them in, i noticed that my eye was irritated. So i took my right contact out to look at it and i saw a tear in them. Then i changed to a new pair and after like 3 days when i put my right one in again i noticed it annoyed my eye, so i took it out. No lie, there was a little hole in the middle of my right contact. Then today, another pair tore. I wore these for about a week, but i buy 2 week contacts. However, today i got in the faceby a soccer ball, but not really hard. My nails are not really short, but not very long either. When i take them out sometimes i slid them out of my eye, sometimes, i pinch them out. Could one method cause my contact to tear? Does longer nails cause them to tear also?

Yep and yep! By pinching them out you kind of fold them in half and longer nails can cause tears. The best way is to slide them out but if you continue to have problems with this I would suggest getting daily contacts because you don't have to worry about tearing and you have less of a chance of getting an infection.
Good luck(:

You could have gotten a bad lot. I would go back to where you got them and see if anyone else had problems. You could also contact acuvue and tell them. It is possible to tear them, but you seem to be going though too many. Before taking them out, make sure you are using re-wettting drops and that they are not dry when you remove them.

You can use contact lens remover inserter to avoid tearing. You can find it on ebay/amazon or your local pharmacy.

Make sure your contacts are moisturize or not dried up.