Why do my contacts keep tearing? - 1

I wear acuvue 2!
My left eye tears like every other day and it didnt use to do that!
Could it be that I changed to a mulipurpose solution?
Please help me!

I don't think changing the solution would affect it but you maybe have a whole box of defective lenses.

I think we have all seen that in the business where a client has problems with a whole box that keeps tearing easily.

What I do is order a box of diagnostics to replace them for free. ( trial lenses of the same power )

Talk to the place you got them from, they should find a way to replace them for you. Being as it is the same side tearing, it appears to be a lens problem, not something you are doing wrong.

Well, you probably aren't handling them correctly or gently enough. Mine don't rip, and it definitely isn't the solution.

Good luck!

This happened to me recently. I had been wearing the same lenses for 2-3 years and all of the sudden I started to have problems. My eye doctor ordered me a new box of the same lenses and the problems continued so, she ordered me a trial lens of a different brand and I have been wearing that new brand ever since. I would talk to your eye doctor about the problems you are having and maybe he/she can help you find a solution.