Are contact lenses prescription higher than glasses?

Sorry I already asked this question, but I forgot to mention that the doctor told me I have a little bit of astigmatism. So maybe this is the reason why my contact lense prescription is higher?
For my glasses, the eye doctor put -3.75 for both right and left eye.
but for contact lenses she put -4.00.Is this right? Because I have been researching on the internet and most said that contact lenses are suppose to be lower.
I ordered soft contact lenses, the brand is Acuvue Oasys by the way
sorry again and thanks for your help:)

Since the normal Acuvue Oasys do not correct for astigmatism, you have to add some of the astigmatism to the sphere power in order to get the "spherical equivalent". Just saying your eyeglass prescription is -3.75 doesn't actually tell anyone how strong your glasses really are. You need to tell people the whole set of numbers in order to determine the contact lens power.

As it sounds, the contact lens prescription is most likely correct.

There is an "adjustment" for the strength of contacts vs glasses but, is doesn't become significant until the glasses are stronger than -4.00, at which point, they begin to back off a bit on the contact strength vs glasses.

Like the other answerer said, if you have a little astigmatism, and they are giving you spherical contacts, they usually add 1/2 the cylinder power to the sphere so, say, for example, your glasses prescription was sph-3.75, cyl -0.50 (axis # not important here) thy would probably give you contacts that were -4.00. They normally won't do this if the astigmatism is more than -1.00 because the "approximation" isn't close enough (ie person will not be very satisfied with vision quality).

So, anyway, it sounds like you are OK. If the contacts were messed up, you would notice it.