I want to wear lenses but a lot of people tell me that they're really uncomfortable and i want to know which is more comfort and less dryness.

In my opinion acuvue is probably better though I used acuvue advanced and they worked great for me. I wore them for 2 years while sleeping in them (every night, gasp!) and changing them about every 2 weeks. Right now I'm wearing air optix day and night aqua, which my optomitrist gave me about 2 days ago, she thought they would be better for my eyes since I sleep in my contacts, but so far, all I've felt is dryness in my eyes and they just feel uncomfortable, so I'm hoping I can go back to acuvue advanced which were super comfy. Good luck finding the right contact for you!

ps - contacts are uncomfortable, at first, but after a few days your eyes adjust to having something in them, just like a kid with braces feels weird having braces in his mouth, but eventually you don't notice them at all.