1.50 standard single vision or 1.57 mid-index single vision?

Hey guys, I just got my new prescription. I want to order cheap glasses online, but I do not know what lens I should get. There is standard single, mid-index single… I really don't know.

My prescription:
OD -150 x -0.50 x 005
OS -2.25 x sph

Since this question has been asked before, I'd prefer if someone named a site where you can plug in your prescription and find the best lens for you.

Bonus question: Why did my doc write "sph" in the cyl? Does that mean that only my right eye has the astigmatism?

Yep, only the right eye has some astigmatism. They write sph in the cyl area so we know they didn't forget to write the cyl… There just isn't one. It is just - 2.25 sphere

With the power lenses you have, you could go with either 1.50 or the 1.57

The 1.57 is Polycarbonate and will be a bit lighter and a bit thinner. Normally I never suggest getting polycrap, but your prescription is under - 3.00 so there is no problem. Poly isn't a good choice in higher powers but yours is fine.

So, which ever you want, it makes no real difference in your power. If you are getting a semi rimless frame, then the 1.57 would be better.

There is no site that will tell you which lens is better… That is just something people who work in the business get to know.